About us

The Sunderland Diabetes UK Group have been operating for several years supporting the people of Sunderland and the outlying areas.

We have designed the meetings so that they are not all doom and gloom. You will find that during our yearly programme we listen to the advice of invited specialists and every other meeting we enjoy a social time together such as Beetle or Bingo.

There is always a time for a friendly chat and discussion if you have a problem to share. Although we do not claim to be experts our pooled knowledge does help us answer many questions.

Many people suffering from diabetes are unaware of the help that is available to them through the various agencies around them. All we claim to do; is point you in the right direction.

I feel that many are afraid to hear about their personal problems and stick their heads in the sand. The truth is that with care, people live long normal lives, whilst those who ignore the problem end up in hospital and for many it is simply too late.


President -  Dr.Choi

Chair -  Ann Lillie

Secretary/Treasurer -  Alan Jackman

Fundraiser -  Alan Barber

Committee Members -  Rina Di Marco, Jean Jackman, Doreen Elvin, Gwen Young, Ian Armstrong, Robert Young, Andrew McGraw.